Claire Wilhide, LCPC
Psychotherapy in Frederick MD

Whether you are struggling with a current crisis or seeking to address a frequent pattern in your life, I commend your courage in taking this step to explore your inner self in therapy. Within the safe and supportive environment of the therapeutic relationship, we can explore and address the challenges you are facing and make the changes you desire.  

    Finding the right therapist for you is crucial to the self-inquiry to which you are embarking.  I work with both couples and individuals. My treatment style is warm and empathic and I emphasize developing a curious, compassionate stance toward oneself that allows for greater clarity and deeper meaning to emerge from life's challenges. Successful treatment is most often expressed as a greater sense of self integrity, resiliency and resourcefulness in coping.

     My specialties include anxiety and stress reduction, family of origin and relationship concerns, life transitions, Couples Therapy, self-esteem and acceptance issues, depression, unresolved grief, pregnancy loss, and healing from traumatic experiences.  
    Although I am a traditionally trained psychotherapist, I incorporate several nontraditional practices for your personalized care.  Energy Psychology practices such as EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques also know as Tapping, Focusing, EMDR and EMI Eye Movement Integration Therapy are powerful techniques to release trauma, depression and anxiety patterns as well as a host of other mental health concerns.

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